With the growth of air traffic, airport operations have become increasingly complex. More and larger aircrafts, an increase in ground support equipment and faster turnaround times all contribute to the challenge of improving operational safety. In response to this complex ground operations environment, ZACL has over the years strived to improve its ground handling services.

It has invested into modern equipment and ICT’s to improve efficiency and quality of services delivery. For instance, ZACL has installed self-checkin outlets, SITA Cute & Cuss user systems, to keep up with the trends in technological advancements. This has improved efficiency and quality of services at the four main airports.

Passenger and Ramp Handling which involves loading and offloading; provision of ground support equipment, Aircraft cleaning, check-in, meet and greet, gate services, passenger screening etc has continued to grow as the number of airlines handled continues to grow. This is also on the backdrop of being the main handler with over 80% of the scheduled airlines handling market share. ZACL has continued to improve its services by purchasing new equipment and through high quality training of its staff.