With our handy guides, getting to or from our airports is easy. All our airports are well positioned within less than 5 kilometers from city centres, making it convenient to travel to and from the airport. As ZACL, part of our care includes transport for cabin crews to and from their hotel as well as support services for charter and VIP movements. A taxi rank is situated just outside the terminal building.

The taxis have an orange band so that they are easily identifiable and a taxi fare to the city center starts from K250.00 local currency or $25.00. The local hotels and travel agencies are able to secure shuttle services and car rentals at a fee. Taxis are available 24/7 at all of our international airports so transport is readily available when you are in need.


+26(0) 211355373
+26(0) 960709695

+26(0) 211 271 020

+26 (0) 211 271 221

+26 (0) 211 271223


Short Long Drop Off Drive Through
0 - 20min K6 K10 free 200
20min - 1hr K8 K10 K15
1 - 2 hr K10 K20 K25
2 - 3 hr K12 K20 K120
3 - 4 hr K15 K20 K120
4 - 5 hr K25 K30 K120
5 - 6 hr K30 K30 K120
6 - 8 hr K50 K60 wheel clamping
8 - 12 hr K100 K70 wheel clamping
12 - 24 hr K100 K90 wheel clamping
24hours + K100 K100 wheel clamping
Clamp K200 K200 K200
Penalty K200 K200 K200
Lost ticket K70 K70 K70