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The Safety, Heath, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) unit provides oversight on the performance of safety, environmental, occupational health, quality, management systems, enterprise risk management and wildlife hazard management, across the entire corporation. ZACL is committed to achieving operational efficiency through the implementation, maintenance, and improvement of these management systems, which are integral to our business processes.

The implementation of these management systems is consistent with international and national standards.

  • The Safety Management System is based on International Civil Aviation Organizations (ICAO) Annex 19 and Zambia Civil Aviation Requirements part 15.
  • Occupational health and safety management system based on ISO 45001 standard.
  • Environmental management system based on ISO14001 standard.
  • Quality management system based on ISO9001 standard.
  • Enterprise risk management based on ISO31000 standard.
  • Wildlife hazard management based on ICAO Annex 14 , ICAO Doc 9137 (Airport Services Manual) and ZCARs part 14.