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At Zambia Airports Corporation Limited, we recognise that it is our responsibility, as a good corporate citizen, to help enrich our community. We understand the importance of CSR and strive to invest our resources and efforts in innovative programs that benefit society, our community and the Corporation.

Our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen includes a focus on employee involvement, environmental stewardship, employee and human rights, neutrality, privacy, and—above all—ethical corporate behaviour. Our policies and programs reflect these commitments and our culture.

ZACL understands that our corporate community encompasses more than just our customers, employees and shareholders (GRZ). We believe in an expansive stakeholder view that adheres to the ideals of respecting, understanding, and sustaining the communities in the areas in which we operate.

Our commitment to responsible Corporate Citizenship includes a focus on the environment, ethical corporate behaviour, community involvement and industry participation. We search for simple and innovative programs and ideas that will enable us to create a sustainable society and corporation.
We understand that only through the participation of all stakeholders can we sustain the practices that have made us successful in the past and will ensure our future. ZACL is committed to and energised by “giving back” – whenever and wherever possible.

ZACL has thus over the years played a fundamental role in the growth and development of the communities in which it operates. Education and health is a vital part of growth and development in our emerging world and ZACL feels the need to make an investment in a cause which will empower our children and provide them with a promising future.