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Frequently Asked Questions

Checking In

  • Does my child need an I.D. card?

Children under 18 years of age usually are not required to have a photo ID for domestic flights; however, as each airline has its own requirements, please contact your airline directly to confirm its ID requirement for minors.

  • How long before my flight should I arrive at the airport?

The standard international requirements recommend arriving one hour thirty minutes before a domestic departure, or three hours before an international departure, however please check directly with your airline for specific recommendations.

  • How early does the airport open?

The airport is open 24 hours every day. However, each airline sets its own hours of operation which is dictated by its flight schedule, therefore please contact your airline directly to determine how early you may check-in for a flight.

Getting Around

  • How do I request a wheelchair?

If you require a wheelchair, please contact your airline in advance and they will notify us to provide a wheelchair for your use within the airport. In case of emergency, our staff are ready to assist.

  • How do I request assistance for elderly/minor/disabled passengers?

Our staff are available to assist passengers. Typical services include check-in, carrying baggage, wheelchair assistance, etc. Please ask for the passsenger assist office or contact your particular airline to arrange for assistance.

  • How do I walk through the airport?

Golf carts are not available for transporting passengers. In the Main Terminal passengers may use elevators, escalators and walking distances are relatively short.

While You're Waiting

  • Where can I smoke in the terminal?

We have a smoking chamber in the international departure lounge. Smoking is also allowed in designated areas outside the terminal building.

  • Is there a chapel/church services inside the terminal?

Kenneth Kaunda and Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airports have prayer rooms/chapel inside the terminal, you can find out the location from the information desk.

  • Is wireless internet (Wi-Fi) access available in the terminal?

Wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) is available in the terminal buildings at Kenneth Kaunda and Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airports.

  • What can I do while waiting for my flight?

You can visit shops, restaurants and bars in the Main Terminal. A hotel and shopping mall are being built in the vicinity of Kenneth Kaunda International Airport to be completed in 2019 and one will also be built at the new Copperbelt International Airport.

  • Where are the best places for aircraft spotting?

Aircraft spotting and photographing is allowed at our Mezzanine floor through a glass wall at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. Our airports also have restaurants that overlook the apron.

Ground Transportation

  • Can I leave my bicycle at the airport?

We do not have bicycle parking slots at our airport at the moment.

  • How much does it cost to park at the airport?

Please see the Parking tariff page on our web site for a list of the parking options at our International Airports.

  • Which hotels offer transportation to/from the airport?

Please see the Local Hotels section of our web site for a list of hotels offering airport shuttles at a fee.

  • Do you have public transport to/from the airport?

We have taxis available to/from the airport. We currently do not have any public bus services to/from the airport.

Picking Up/Dropping Off

  • Can I drop-off passengers without parking?

Yes, you can drop passengers without parking in our drop off Zone at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport; it is Free for the first 20 minutes. You will be required to pay at our other airports.

  • Can I pick-up passengers outside baggage claim?

Picking up passengers at the Arrivals/Baggage Claim outside the Terminal is permitted; however, vehicles have to be parked in the car park.


  • To whom should I direct security-related comments?

To The Director Airport Services and Chief Security Officer.

  • To whom should I report items missing from my baggage?

To our Lost and Found Office or security staff.

  • What can I take in my carry-on baggage?

Please see the Security section of our web site for details of permitted and prohibited items, special items, disabilities/medical conditions, etc.